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      Cat Therapy helps save cats facing euthanasia and homelessness by fostering, socializing and rehoming them at our beautiful, cage free Cat Cafe. We work with an amazing rescue organization called Stray Cat Alliance. They rescue the cats and get them healthy. We then get working so Stray Cat Alliance can continue rescuing more. I'd say we're a good team! Until these cats get adopted, they live with us and we treat them like family!

      We also make cat themed apparel and accessories than you can purchase right here on our website! It all goes towards helping us in our mission, so go ahead and buy with confidence! 

      Watch the following video to hear more from our founder:

      Approximately 860,000 cats are euthanized each year. Many of them are neonatal kittens and perfectly healthy cats that could've found a home. Cat Therapy was created to help save cats from euthanasia and to show awesome humans all the different ways they can help change this reality, regardless of their ability to adopt. 


      Cat Therapy helps rescue cats facing euthanasia by fostering them in a cage free environment, a beautiful space we've designed in the heart of Santa Barbara, CA. To ensure we can fund our mission and continue helping cats, we offer experiences where you can visit our cats and also sell awesome apparel, accessories, cat products and virtual tours, so you can visit us from anywhere in the world, without leaving the comfort of your home. 


      •  600+ cats found happy forever homes. 

      • Raised over $50,000 for the rescue organization we partner with. And we are just getting started! 

      Your purchase today goes towards ensuring we can keep caring for our cats, employing our amazing team and promoting our cause. Shop with confidence, our cats THANK YOU! 

      We improve the lives of shelter cats

      Most shelter cats live in cages or kennels until they are adopted. This can produce a lot of stress and a cat that isn’t feeling good is unable to show it’s true personality to potential adopters. By housing these cats in a comfortable, safe and nourishing environment, we drastically improve their quality of life and give them a temporary home while they wait to find their forever family. When a cat is fostered at Cat Therapy, we provide them with the socialization and love they need to thrive and be ready for the day their purrfect human walks through the door. 

      We assist rescue organizations in reducing euthanasia rates:

      We partner with Stray Cat Alliance, an amazing rescue organization that saves cats at risk of euthanasia in high kill shelters and cats facing homelessness on the streets. By fostering these cats in our space, we are able to make more room in their facilities to use for cats that need immediate rescue, therefore saving more lives. Together, we make a bigger impact. 

      We Increase Adoption Rates

      By housing cats in an environment where they can be socialized, recover from trauma and feel comfortable, we allow them to show their true personalities. This makes it easier for potential adopters to connect with them the same way they would at home. We have been able to make amazing kitty-human matches due to our unique approach to cat adoptions.

      We Donate to Our Rescue Partner, Stray Cat Alliance:

      100% of the adoption fees from cats adopted at Cat Therapy are donated back to the organization the cat came from. We do not profit from adoptions. We also organize fun and educational events to raise funds for our rescue partners.