Wondering how to open a Cat Cafe? Opening a Cat Cafe is an exciting endeavor, but it can be confusing as there aren't many resources out there. From building a business plan, to forecasting and exploring partnerships with local rescues, there's a lot to learn. We are here to help you.
We offer consulting services to cat lovers in the planning process of opening cat cafes, or already operating businesses. In the nearly 8 years that we have been open we have learned invaluable information that we are now happy to share with fellow Cat Cafe owners to save you money and time.
Having a Cat Cafe is one of the most rewarding businesses out there. But the learning curve is steep. Let us support you in the process.


Our founder Catalina Esteves offers consulting services for Cat Cafes on a one time or monthly basis. Subjects include:
- Business and revenue model review. Forecasting tools.
- Setting up partnerships with local rescues or shelters.
- Interior design to cater to cats and humans alike.
- Cat health
- Cat behavior considerations, and much more!
- Operation manuals, protocols, staffing.


Looking to start your own Cat Cafe franchise? Bring the Cat Therapy name to your town! Inquire below about opening your own Cat Therapy or scheduling a consulting call.

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