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      Valentine's Day Cat Lover's Gift Guide

      Valentine's Day Cat Lover's Gift Guide

      We see Valentine's Day as an opportunity, if not an excuse, to do something sweet for our loved ones. That's not limited to a romantic partner, it can be a friend, your kitty or even yourself! Yes, we're huge proponents of treating ourselves, specially after that 2020 debacle of a year 😹 All of these gifts aren't extra soppy and they apply to anyone you love that likes cats!

      The purrfect gift? Something that speaks to a person’s interests and has meaning and value way beyond the object you’re holding. Everything in our store is designed for the most discerning cat lovers and it also supports our mission of getting more cats rescued and into loving homes. It’s a win win for cats and cat lovers! 

      Now, there’s a lot of awesome stuff in our shop, so we curated a selection of our favorites to help you choose! 

      1- Time Spent With Cats T-Shirt. $34

      We think cat lovers will agree that time spent in the company of such an intriguing, beautiful and loving animal is certainly never wasted! In our experience of fostering over 600 cats, we can tell you that they are grateful for everything we do for them. For us, time spent rescuing kitties is the best use of our time. 
      This shirt is an expression of our favorite quote, in a design drawn by Cat Therapy’s founder's mother, artist Marta Dachena. The vibrant colors and almost psychedelic style alludes to 60s art. You’re not only wearing a piece of art, you’re helping us rescue kitties by doing so! It is the perfect graphic tee! It comes in both women and unisex cuts as well as sweatshirt and the description includes sizing charts to assist you in shopping the purrfect fit. Shop HERE!
      If you're loved one is more into minimalist designs, we definitely have some awesome shirts for them, but this one is our favorites! 

      2- Cat Themed Face Masks. $20

      When we pictured 2020's fashion, we never expected the most important piece would end up being a face mask. But here we are! If we have to wear them, why not make it fun? Cat Therapy face masks have a nose wire to ensure they don’t slip down when you talk and adjustable straps for the purrfect fit. They are double layered for extra safety and a pocket for a filter if you wish to wear one! 
      There’s many designs going from subtle to statement, including leopard print face masks and other pretty and unique cat themed masks! SHOP HERE!
      Leopard Print with Hearts Face Mask

      3- Cat Themed Shirts For Cat Dads $32

      Best Cat Dad T-Shirt
      Cat Therapy wasn’t going to forget about all of the crazy cat men out there! We organized our best unisex designs here, including our Best Cat Dad T-Shirt and Cat Sabbath T-Shirt, worn by Rob “Blasko” Nicholson, Ozzy Osbourne’s bass player! 

      4- A Private Visit To Cat Therapy. Starting at $50

      Best gift ever? A room full of adorable rescued cats all to yourself! You can give the gift of kitty cuddles by purchasing a gift card here. A private visit for two is $50 on weekdays and $60 on weekends! It is scientifically proven that a visit to a Cat Cafe will improve your mood by 300%. If you live away from Santa Barbara, we also offer virtual visits that are super fun! BOOK HERE! Or get a gift card! 

      5- A Cat Sponsorship. $35 for a one time, $25 for a subscription. 

      The favorite, most meaningful gift of our list: A kitty sponsorship directly connects you with a rescued kitty in a “pen pal” type of way. They include a polaroid of a kitty assigned to you and a letter from them introducing themselves and telling you about their kitty lives at Cat Therapy! You can get it as a one time gift (perfect for Valentine’s) or as a subscription. Either way, tell us who it’s for and we will address it to your loved one! We can even ship it directly to them. 
      Heartwarming? Check! Meaningful? Check! Cat lovers will adore this gift! SHOP HERE. 

      6- Is Your Valentine Feline, Not Human? They'll appreciate this super cozy and cute blankets! 

      We hope this was helpful!


      Adoptable Cat Highlight: Joey & Ray Ray

      Adoptable Cat Highlight: Joey & Ray Ray

      Hello human friends! 

      Part of our work as a Cat Cafe is to socialize shy kitties. We strongly believe that all kitties deserve a chance at a comfortable and loving environment. This way, their purrsonalities can blossom and a happy kitty is way easier to get adopted! Shy cats need time, patience and an environment that is respectful to their need of space. At the same time, they need to be exposed to different people, noises and something incredibly helpful: Social kitties! This sets a good example for them. Cat Therapy provides them with all of these things. The result is a great environment for shy kitties to be socialized and hopefully get adopted! 

      Today we're highlighting two of our shyest kitties, Joey and Ray Ray. They're funny, because they're both siblings to incredibly outgoing cats. We know they have it in them to be outgoing too! They just need to be given a chance. 

      RAY RAY

      Fluffy adoptable tuxedo cat with green eyes

      Aren't those eyes just gorgeous? Ray Ray is siblings to Rosanna, a very outgoing kitty that's also being fostered here with us. We are not considering them bonded, but it would be wonderful if they went home together! Ray Ray has made a lot of progress since he's been here. He went from hiding at all times to enjoying the fluffy beds and lots of pets. He is the purrfect example of a loving, sweet kitty with lots of potential! He is not only sweet, he's beautiful and his fur is the softest we've ever seen! Did you know soft fur cats shed a little less than coarse ones? That means that a longhaired kitty like him, with silky locks, will shed less on your clothes than a shorthaired one! Are you interested in giving Ray Ray a chance? Let us know! You can always come visit him and help us socialize him by making a reservation here!



      Joey is siblings to Ethan, an incredibly outgoing kitty that has already been adopted. We're not sure why he's so shy compared to his brother, but we know for a fact he's got potential! Joey is beautiful, with his pointy ears and deep green/honey eyes. He does come off as shy, but he loves pets! He's currently in the "hide in the back room" phase and despite us knowing he'll most likely come out into the main area soon, we'd suggest asking us about him when you come visit us! That way we can show you were he is. We don't want anyone overlooking this sweet guy! If you're interested in visiting him or adopting, make a reservation here!

      While we're on this subject, how about we mention a few tips for socializing shy kitties? 


      Cat Therapy is a Cat Cafe Experience located in Santa Barbara, California. We rescue, foster, socialize and adopt cats that were at risk of euthanasia. We work alongside our rescue partner Stray Cat Alliance. You can visit us regardless of your ability to adopt. Visits to our cats are fun and help us fund our cat's care. We also make the best cat themed T-Shirts and other apparel and accessories that are great gifts for cat lovers. Shop right meow here! 

      Goodbye Forever 2020!

      Goodbye Forever 2020!

      Dear Cat Therapy family, 
      Wow, we’ve made it. We reached the end of one of the most challenging years most of us have ever experienced. We know COVID won’t magically disappear within days, but we can at least hope for 2021 to be a better year. A year that we step into stronger than ever and most importantly, united as a community. 
      I have already talked about the struggles we’re continuously dealing with as a small business during a world pandemic with little kitty lives under our care. Despite the challenges you’ve probably faced yourself, you actually took the time to understand our situation and support us in the ways we suggested. You shopped our online store, contributed towards expenses during the worst months and visited our kitties when possible. This is exactly the point I want to highlight today. Today I want to say thank you for caring about it. And here’s the biggest thing that we’re taking away from 2020: By being together in the fight towards a common enemy, we’ve all become closer than we’ve ever been. Don’t you think?
      So much has been brought to the light this year. It may have taken a world pandemic and consequently a major crisis to ignite a spark, but hey! Change needs a catalyst. We’re all taking action by learning to listen to other people’s challenges and we’re trying to make small changes that can benefit our communities. We’re starting to show each other that we care. Our society needed that. Huge bonus? You also showed us that you care about small innocent animal lives, even when ours as humans are so upside down. And that is AMAZING! We were so worried none of you would have time to think about rescued cats this year, but you showed us that our kitties mean a lot to you! 
      Our main mission at Cat Therapy is to help cats in their journey towards finding a forever home, so that others can be rescued and given a chance too. We also exist to encourage people to do small things that can have a positive impact in the lives of these cats, like visiting them and showing them love regardless of your ability to adopt, talking about adoptable cats with your friends or purchasing a shirt with us instead of a big retailer so we can keep funding our work. But we are also here for another very important reason that is very dear to us: We want to make you feel good! We do this through providing you with a place to relax and connect with sweet rescued kitties, sharing our adorable cat content, or making super cute cat themed merch that hopefully makes you smile when you wear/use it!  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to do that for you. In exchange, you’ve shown us your unconditional support and you’ve played your part in ensuring we can still be here, helping cats. We are so glad that our mission means as much to you as it does to us! 
      In a world pandemic that has separated us physically, we’ve come together even closer as a community. So, thank you 2020 for that. Yup, we still don’t like 2020, but we do need to be grateful for that. 

      This year we’ve found homes for 165 cats and we’ve fostered a total of 190. That’s a lot of kitty lives positively impacted from one small space! This means that despite the shutdowns and reduction in visitors, adoptions didn’t drop compared to last year. That is amazing!  

      In the past few weeks, and months really, I’ve invited you to reflect on small things you can do to support your community. You listened and took action. My message today is to hopefully bring some cheer, some hopefulness, because we don’t need to wait until 2021 to come, we’ve already achieved big things! Let’s keep the good work going. Let’s be grateful for everything we’ve learnt this year and for the fact that we’re stepping into 2021 stronger as a community than we’ve ever been! Let’s take those hard lessons into this new year, and make it a really impactful one. 
      As for myself, I’m grateful for what I’ve learnt, for your endless support and for the fact that despite the crazy curveballs, my beloved Cat Therapy is still here and my team as well as myself can still have a job helping cats. Lastly, I do want to say I am aware that many families have been affected in ways that cannot be seen in a positive light yet, or maybe never will. I think of those of you facing that situation every day. I just hope that together we can make things better soon. 
      Lastly, a gigantic thank you to Stray Cat Alliance for being the most amazing rescue partner we could’ve ever chosen. It's an honor to work with you. We’re so grateful to be building a no-kill nation with you, one stray kitty at a time (like you guys say!). 
      Happy Mew Year, Cat Therapy family! From the bottom of our hearts: Catalina, my son Felix (who’s teething now and has made it very hard for me to write this lol), my husband Marek, my mother Marta and our amazing team Alaina, Alyssa, Vivian, Sara, Hartley and Alex. THANK YOU! 

      Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week

      Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week

      We’d like to bring some awareness to this week is that, just like humans, each cat has their own unique personality traits and shyness does not define a cat in her entirety. 

      Read more

      Your Friday Dose of Cat Gossip

      Your Friday Dose of Cat Gossip

      Hey upper east siders, Gossip Girl here! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's meowelite. And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell! Just kidding, I’m Olive the cat, I’ve just always wanted to say that ever since I watched Gossip Girl. 

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