Our Cat Cafe is OPEN FOR SAFE VISITS! Don't forget to shop our ONLINE STORE! FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100
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      LATEST UPDATE: As of November 2020, we remain OPEN. 

      We are operating under safe COVID protocols. We are following the news every day and our safety protocols are up to date. If you wish to visit us, you can do so. We offer safe regular visits as well as private visits (for those of you who wish to not share the space with other visitors) and online experiences to enjoy the cats from the comfort of your home. 

      Your safety and that of our cats are our priority. The same protocols and cleaning procedures we have always used to ensure our cats health also ensure the space is sanitized for people and are COVID safe. We have over 3 years experience in professional sanitization of our cat space.


      • Booking a time and paying is contactless, as you can reserve, pay for your entry fee and sign your waiver online. If you wish to pay in store, you will not be asked to touch any screens. 

      • Our space is sanitized throughly every morning and evening, as well as between groups of visitors. Our team is trained in proper sanitization of the space. 

      • All guests entering the space must be wearing appropriate face coverings to protect each other, our team and the cats. 

      • All guests are asked to remove their shoes at entry to ensure our floors are clean from potential street dirt. 

      • We are asking visitors to wear gloves (that we provide) to enter the cat area so the kitties fur remains clean. (We trust your hands are clean, please understand that we have to be extra careful these days!). 

      • To allow for social distancing, we are only hosting groups of 5 people at one time and we are offering affordable private visits if you wish more privacy during your visit. 

      • In addition to offering private visits to those of you who do not wish to share the space with others, we are also offering virtual visits. To learn more about them, click here. 

      We understand some of you may not be yet ready to share the room with guests that aren't from your party, that is why we are offering affordable private visits. But be assured that if you book a regular visit and there are other guests in the room, it will be very safe. 

      If you have any questions please email us at hello@cattherapysb.com or call us at (805)560-1996. 

      To book a visit, please go here.