Meet our New Foster Kitties!

Meet our New Foster Kitties!

 Hello friends! It's been a busy January for adoptions! So far we have seen 13 of our friends go home at the start of 2024.

Before introducing you to our new fosters, let us tell you a bit about the BIG adoptions we had this past week! 

Amos & Tinkers 

Two Cats Snuggling 

These two boys have been at Cat Therapy for almost 2 years! We don't usually have fosters take this long to get adopted, but it worked out this way for them. A few months ago, it became really evident they were bonded to each other and we made the decision to have them adopted as a pair. At first we worried it would take even longer for them to find a home, but it actually worked out great! They both went home together last week. We couldn't be happier for them! We'll miss you Amos & Tinkers 🥰

Snuggly cat


This is another kitty who's been with us for quite a while, almost a year. He's got a funny character, and he likes to be a bit spicy at times. But as we've experienced, for every kitty's purrsonality there's a human out there that's a perfect match! We are so happy that our buddy Stitch went home this week! 

Thanks so much to his adopter for giving him a chance 😍

cat being adopted

So now it's time to introduce you to our new foster kitties! 

Vezzini & Humperdinck: 

Keeping with the Princess Bride theme, siblings of our recently adopted Westley and Buttercup just arrived at Cat Therapy! 

Photo of a grey kitty sitting down on a fluffy blanket

This little angel face is called Humperdinck. The four siblings were rescued as part of the Tiny Lions project at ASAP Cats. That is a program that socializes feral kittens and prepares them for adoption. Their siblings were with us and got adopted a week ago, and now we get to welcome these two! 

Black cat with white on his chest getting pets

Vezzini is such a sweetie! He is playful and snuggly. Their siblings Westley and Buttercup were known for being such lap cats and Vezzini and Humperdinck are just the same! They may take a minute to warm up, but once they do, you won't be able to leave Cat Therapy! 

Strawberry Shortcake 

Tabby and white cat

This girl is as friendly as she is beautiful! Not many cats are ready to come out into our main room on the first day they arrive from the shelter, but she was ready for all the pets and attention! You will find her hanging by the main desk or above the merchandise cubbies, ready to say hello. 


Tabby cat

Disclaimer: No tabby kittens were snuggled against their will for this photo 🤣This boy is just too cuddly and squishable! He loves sitting on laps and if he's not ON you, he loves hanging out near you. He came to us with his sister Tabitha. 


A very busy girl, she loves putting her little nose into whatever it is you're doing 🤣Unpacking merchandise boxes?? Yes please! Sweeping? Yes please! Is that a new mini fridge? Are those new drink cans? (Yes, we now have cold drinks available for sale in store!). 

See a little video featuring everyone! 

More kitties are coming this week so stay tuned!

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Want to meet everyone? Come to visit us! 

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