Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week

Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week

“Adopt a less adoptable pet” week is NOW. We are featuring shy, blind momma and son pair Valentine and Julius and a few other of our shy cats. We know you’re thinking the same as us: These cats are more than PURRFECT! But the reality is that people generally tend to overlook the shy kitties, the older cats and just any pet that doesn’t fit certain criteria. 

We understand some people have a specific idea of the cat they’d like to adopt and that is totally okay. Everyone has the right to take a kitty home that they are in love with and we just want pets to find good families. But what we’d like to bring some awareness to this week is that, just like humans, each cat has their own unique personality traits and shyness does not define a cat in her entirety. 

Today, we just want to challenge everyone to try and look past these concepts of “undesirable” qualities and observe the cat as a whole being. Then, you may find that a shy cat is actually incredibly loyal because YOU gave them a chance, a blind cat may be snugglier because she’s less active, an old rescued street cat may be insanely grateful for the small things like a comfy bed and a yummy plate of food. At the same time, a pure bred siamese cat may not be so loving and may be more interested in running around the house terrorizing the dog, you never know! These are all just examples that I am bringing up. But my point here is that I’d love for you to challenge yourself to look at those unique personality traits, even if you’re not looking to adopt! Maybe you can try it during your next Cat Therapy visit. Remember, a pet is a friend and a companion. They’re all different and beautiful in their own way. What qualities would you want in a friend you’ll share your home with?. 


Valentine may have some disadvantages like being blind and a little shy. But this brings out some personality traits that make her adorable, special and potentially very desirable to the right home. For example, she is very gentle, she never scratches or bites and is overall really sweet. She also loves to be petted. Being blind makes her more dependent on her son, which makes their relationship really special and adorable to witness. She is bonded to him, which means whoever adopts them will get to add to their families two unique and special personalities.

Julius is confident, playful but also cuddly and sweet. They’re such an amazing combination of kitties! 


These gorgeous girls have already shown that they can be extremely loving if someone gives them some time and attention. They are active, playful and entertaining to watch. Plus knowing that a shy cat has chosen YOU to give her some pets is one of the most rewarding experiences. 


His gentle disposition makes him the ideal candidate for just about any household: Single cat, multi-pet and even for someone that works a lot. He'll love the attention if he can get it but if not, he will understand! 

When you look past the typical “less adoptable” preconceptions, you may just find your new best friend. Just keep an open mind! 

Tip: Another cool thing about "less adoptable cats" is that most rescues (like the one we work with) are able to arrange foster to adopt situations where you can take the kitty home and see how it goes! Interested in adopting or fostering to adopt? Click here. 

Have you adopted a “less adoptable” pet? Tell us your experience in the comments section below!

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