Your Friday Dose of Cat Gossip

Your Friday Dose of Cat Gossip

Hey upper east siders, Gossip Girl here! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's meowelite. And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell! Just kidding, I’m Olive the cat, I’ve just always wanted to say that ever since I watched Gossip Girl. Yep, cats watch Neftlix too when humans arent around!. But mostly bird cartoons, bird series, bird documentaries, chicken cooking classes. And yes some Gossip Girl, cause Serena is GOALS!? MREOWWW!

Ok, back to the important stuff: Cats. Most particularly, the cats of Cat Therapy. Ever since Charlie the cat was adopted, Clover decided to take it upon himself to become the self proclaimed general manager of the cattery. I gotta say he’s got potential, but more for like, HELL'S KITCHEN! 

Ok I’m not gonna talk litter about him because he wants us to work hard at finding our furever families. But Clover, do you remember that cat science says we’re supposed to sleep 75% of the day?? Of course I’m not gonna say this to his face cause I don’t want him to get me kicked out of my napping spot like he did with Mabel….

He literally got a slave human to take her off the rug so he could lay in it!!!! I mean, I’m not tripping, Sam saw it too! She was shocked…


Uhmm okay so the human here is telling me that this information isn't actually correct and that I should fact check. Do I care? NOPE. 

Anyways, in other news...Two GIGANTIC cats arrived and I was purrsonally really afraid they’d eat all our food. They’re so big, that at first I thought the rescue found two tigers on the street and decided they’re cats and brought them here! Shoot I think Ducky heard me. 

Hi Ducky...Uhmm I was just telling the blog that you’re a sweet Teddy Bear and your brother Dimitri is too. You're not a basic wild Tiger, you're a lovely and evolved house cat!!!! (*I’m gonna stay out of her way just in case*). Update: They did not eat all the food as I’ve since found out that food here is unlimited, so we’re good. 

On other super, mega interesting news, Charlotte managed to squish her body against the acrylic bowl like NO CAT HAS EVER DONE. I’m not even kidding, the squishiest nap I’ve ever witnessed, she’s so talented, how does she even do that?? How did she put her little pawsies in that position?

Also, an adorable new kitty arrived called Cinder. She was really shy when she got here, but now she’s playing with all the kittens and I”m really happy for her. She looks a little bit like a cute goat, doesn’t she? I love goats, although I’ve only seen them on YouTube. They're my favorite animal. I wanna try goat yoga someday...

She totally looks like a little goat. ANYWAYS! That’s all I’ve got for today. But things are always changing here, new cats arriving...kitties going home. So, until the next update, human! Meanwhile, I will stay up here a sneaky owl overlooking her cat gossip dominion. 



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