The Top 5 Indoor Plants Safe for Cats

The Top 5 Indoor Plants Safe for Cats

It's important to enrich our indoor kitty's environment by helping them express natural behaviors they would have in the wild. Cats are obligate carnivores and require meat to survive, but they do enjoy many cat-safe plants!

Sweet smells, new textures, and natural remedies: adding a few cat safe indoor plants can transform your cat's environment, keeping them happy and entertained. Cat safe indoor plants are a good idea for kittens, cats, and their humans too!

Invite the outdoors in by growing these cat safe indoor plants:

Cat grass: In nature, cats munch on a variety of cat-safe grasses. Grass is not only tasty for your cat, it’s full of nutrients too! This indoor plant is the purrfect decoy to keep your cat’s paws away from the other plants in your home not meant for them. Try out this cat grass kit to see if your kitty is a secret vegetarian! 

Rosemary: did you know this herb naturally repels fleas? Enrich your indoor cat’s environment and your kitchen- this herb is versatile! This plant will need to grow indoors with direct sunlight. 

Parsley: if your cat likes to munch on plants, this one is full of vitamins for their diet. 

Lemongrass: your cat will love the scent and reap the antibacterial and antiparasitic benefits when ingested. Sounds pretty nice!

Catnip: last but not least, catnip is the real treat. This one will keep your crazy cat tame when ingested because it relaxes cats when it's eaten vs when they smell it.

This brings us to...Growing Indoor Plants Safe for Cats:
When starting a garden, consider the size of the planters - if your cat can fit in on the planter they may use it as a litter box. This is a great option, and the kit already comes with grass seeds! 


Even better would be to include these planters close or next to our favorite cat condos and shelves, mentioned in this blog post. 

One last thing, is your cat munching on your other plants?

If you have indoor plants that your cat needs to avoid eating or destroying, a spray with lemon water or coffee acts as a natural and safe cat repellent.

With a little bit of work and love, you can enrich your cat's indoor environment with cat friendly plants. A thoughtful garden is sure to spark your indoor cat’s natural curiosity. 

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